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       Legit Dogs & Ice is a local Food Truck which specializes in gourmet hot dogs, authentic Hawaiian shave ice, on-site/in-house made soda fountain and ice cream soda floats. We are currently stationed out of Elgin, IL, and we travel to the surrounding suburbs of the Chicagoland Metropolitan area. We are also available for private events, parties and weddings. 

We may be serving lunch or dinner in your community right now.

 We are currently working on a set schedule for the surrounding communities: a different town/city each specific day for lunch and dinner hours, while also being flexible for special community events in your area. So please, check back often to see our location calendar, and find out when we’ll be in your area. Better yet, you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for activity updates. Also, feel free to join our rewards program, using your phone number, which help keep you updated and gets you discounts and free stuff from our awesome menu!  

Our ingredients and recipes are legit.

 We take immense pride in the quality of our recipes and their preparation. We purchase our hot dogs from Ream's Meat Market, located in Elburn, IL.  They are a specialized meat market, operating under the Ream family since 1954- they still take the time in using quality meats to handcraft their hot dogs. We then take those quality dogs and put our signature twists on them, using only homemade, in-house recipes. Whether it be our homemade Mac ‘n Cheese (using fine aged white New York Cheddar), our unbelievably creamy egg salad (using organic, cage-free eggs), to our from-scratch bleu cheese dressing (with imported bleu cheese) – we are proud of our hot dogs, every step of the way. Ultimately, knowing the quality and care that goes into our hot dogs, we are proud to serve them to our children and family, as well as yours.  

 We don’t skimp on our authentic Hawaiian Shave Ice, either! First off, we serve our powder the way it’s meant to be served: on a bed of toasted macadamia nut ice cream.

 Secondly, we top our recipes off with a sweet and creamy “snowcap.” 

Finally, and most importantly – we have all our concentrates purchased and shipped directly from Hawaii. We are supplied by one of the most respected and longest established shave ice businesses on the island! We then take that concentrate and mix all our syrups in-house, using only 100% organic cane sugar. No nasty corn syrup. No nasty artificial tasting chemicals. Just real Hawaiian quality, from an island which has access to the tropical fruits, year-round.  We've also installed an old-fashioned soda pop fountain (we make our own soda water!) inside our truck, meaning you can make any soda you choose, from the available flavors-of-the-day we have on-site. In conjunction with our homemade sodas and ice cream, we also have ice cream soda floats on the menu.  


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Legit Dogs and Ice

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Who we are


"He's a different color but we're the same kid. I will treat him like my brother; he will treat me like his"

Legit Dogs and Ice is the brain-child of a native Chicagoan who made Elgin home, and is a family-owned business. 

One of the things you may notice about our truck is the punk vibe we have going on.  As a matter of fact, if you walk around the truck, it's practically a tour of American punk: East Coast to Midwest to West Coast -- embodied in vintage skateboard decks and surfboards.  

Back in the day, before mall fashion shops made it trendy, punk rock used to be dangerous.  It signaled you were an individual who refused to conform, a person with common sense who challenged the status quo.  Over the past 4 years, we've certainly hit hurdle-after-hurdle trying to open up a new food business.  Finally, we just decided to stop listening to the nay-sayers, stopped playing by the establishment rules, and chose to create our own path

 -- hence, the food truck.

Nowadays, it seems if you resist conformity, you are somehow an anarchist -- all because you value common sense and individual beliefs.  Well ... we'll gladly embrace that anarchy and refuse to ever judge or refuse another individual, based on their set of beliefs and opinions.  As long as your beliefs and actions do not oppress other individuals, you will always be welcome here.

So, if you're willing to venture out of your bubble and are ready to be thrown into a wonderful melting pot which doesn't make any sense, but is 100% right  -- come join us. 

Consume a little anarchy in your day.